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Guestbook Entries: 2006 - 2009

Name: mark manning
Date: Fri Apr 17 20:35:52 MDT 2009
Darrell, your journey is inspiring and I wish you a beautiful crossing of Alaska.

Name: Barbara B
Date: Wed Oct 8 20:35:06 MDT 2008
Darrell, it was great running into you and sharing your story of adventure. The web site looks terrific and I really enjoyed the pictures. Please let me know when you plan to have a slide show.

Name: Rhonda
Email: kayakersgocoastal@comcast.ner
Date: Sat Sep 27 15:15:03 MDT 2008
Sent pictures of your poor damaged boat you should take some now that you fixed it.
Had a great time at the Port Townsend Symposium we miss you already. Keep in touch

Name: ron and janice
Email: roncdebaca
Date: Wed Sep 24 11:55:41 MDT 2008
hey darrell hope all is well its ron from st.vincents pharm. just thought we would say hi. stay srtong

Name: Pat O'Connor
Date: Thu Aug 28 16:08:55 MDT 2008
Betty Bollert informed me that you were requesting info. on paddling down the Yukon R. In 1998 I attempted to reenact the Gold Rush of "98 by carrying my kayak/gear/food over the Chilcoot Trail and paddle the lenth of the river to St. Michaels, AK. I ended up hiking the trail (giving up on carrying all my things after only getting 7 miles in 5 days) and eventually transporting them by train to Lake Bennet, BC. I spent two months on the river solo. I also hiked the PCT on 06 and finshed the CDT on 08. If you need any info on the River let me know. I love talking about the Yukon and the Gold Rush of 1898. Tele (253-565-1030). I'm currently confined at my house in Tacoma, WA with a new hip after breaking my hip on a effort to ride my bike fm Cape Flattery, WA. to Key West, FL.

Name: Koen Daniëls
Date: Thu Aug 14 04:13:05 MDT 2008
Hi, we have seen each other in the Pioneer Hostel in Port Hardy. You were staying there a copple of days and also bussy with "eating for power". Now back home we (the Belgian people) have checked your website. It's really amazing of what you have already done en what is still on the list. You can count on our support ! Koen and Karolien

Name: Joy James
Date: Sun Aug 3 12:23:54 MDT 2008
I hope you enjoyed the fijords of Misty! Good to break bread together and hear about your adventures! Sorry about that high tide pushing you back into the woods! Who knew? May your journey continue to be full of adventures and personal growth!


Name: Jeff Storm
Date: Sun Jul 27 01:35:55 MDT 2008
Hi Darrell,

I "met" you near gibson Is., when you called the southbound Tug. You were crossing fro Watson Rk. to Oona Pt. The Tug was the "Pacific Pride" and I am the captain. We chatted a little and you ended up giving me you website add. First, I want to thank you for your attention to, and awareness of the large commercial traffic during your journey. You calling us on the radio to arrange passing is much appreciated.
Your journey is very interesting and quite an achievement. I was concerned you may not be prepared for the unpredictable wx of SE AK. I trust all has gone well. You must be to Petersburg by now? I look forward to following you progress.
Fair winds and following seas, Jeff

Name: kelley warnick
Date: Fri Jul 25 12:49:52 MDT 2008
Hey Darrell, Way to go and keep up the good work! I'm following you and wishing you all the best up there. Hope to see you when you're ready to stop paddling for a while. Watch out for the whales.

Name: Celestine
Date: Wed Jul 16 14:21:53 MDT 2008
Good Day to you Darrel,
i pray that your journey is goin well. Im the Interpreter from Newcastle Island, we chatted a bit while you stayed on the Island here w/ us. I was goin to share a story w/ you but will do that throu email. I admire the strength you have Darrel thats one amazing trip you are taking. Great memories thats for sure. Take care and will check in on yer site from time to time

Name: Jessica Lindberg
Date: Sat Jul 5 15:47:58 MDT 2008
Damn, I was going to wish you luck before you left Kvai River but I forgot.

With all the people you have meant I am guessing it would be hard to remember everyone. Like the person below me, I was at Kvai working when you were there.

Good luck with the rest of your trip.

Name: Leandrea Carpenter
Date: Sat Jul 5 00:33:06 MDT 2008
Hey, Darrell, I'm not too sure if you remember me, but I was at Kvai Camp, one of the Camp Staff there. It was a bummer that I didn't get to talk to you. What you are doing sounds very cool, and I will check out this site on the weekends when I'm in town. I admire your strength that you have to go through with this. Keep on going.

Name: John Bridge
Date: Tue Jun 24 22:59:29 MDT 2008
I enjoyed our conversation about paddles and kayaking at Cluxewe campground. Your trip makes me think about which trips I need to take.
John Bridge

Name: Vicki Baucom
Date: Sat Jun 21 15:43:33 MDT 2008
Hi, Darrell,
It's fun to watch your progress on your web site! Hope the weather and tides are being kind to you! Cool temperatures have prevailed here in Woodinville since your launch. Hope you truck keys were returned to you.
Wishing you safe passage and lots of blessings.

Name: Ed de Vries
Date: Thu Jun 19 21:45:27 MDT 2008
Hello Darrell,
What a surprise to see you in a full page in our local paper the Peak ,wish you would have stopped at our place ,we are the dutch people sitting on the beach at our cabin just before Powell River and you congratulated us about the our soccer players ,they won again on Tuesday ,hope they do as wel coming Saterday against the russians,we wish you a save trip,we admire you ,greetings Yoka & Ed

Name: Jean and Kathy
Date: Mon Jun 16 07:55:08 MDT 2008
Hello Darrell, Betsy has kept us informed about your progress. Hearing about the tides coming from the north since you left Desolation Sound is fascinating. In the Mediterranean, there are as you know, none !! Much, much safer for kayaking...were it not for the strong winds ....but not half the excitement you are experiencing. All the Denis are wishing you the best.

Name: Richard Barry
Date: Mon Jun 9 09:20:26 MDT 2008
Hi Darrell

We met you at Newcastle Island. We were the family of four that had lots of questions about your gear and your PCT journey. It was inspiring to hear of your journey and your plans for this summer. Have a safe and memorable journey.

The Barry Family

Name: Amy
Date: Wed May 28 23:55:55 MDT 2008
Hey Darrell,
I just met you tonite in Anacortes, and I want to wish you well in your journey. What a wonderful adventure you will have! I hope the 2nd leg goes as well as the 1st one, (as I read more about your time on the PCT).... I hope to follow your trip, and send blessings as you as you continue.
Namaste, Amy at the Inn

Name: Dale McKinnon
Date: Wed May 28 17:46:50 MDT 2008
Darrell- I suspect you are making your way to Bedwell Harbor by now. Breakfast was great with you. And I'll be watching your journey through the IP with a deep longing to be back there, once again. Soon enough! Soon enough!
I let the folks at Addenbrooke Light know that you might be passing by. They have been instructed to take you in, and feed you and make sure you leave rested! After Addenbrooke is Namu, then Klemtu.. and on and on.
Have a safe journey, but more importantly have a transformational journey. There are ancient spirits that still speak in the Salish Sea.
Dale McKinnon

Name: Paul Shelton
Date: Thu May 8 10:56:46 MDT 2008
Hey darrell,
great looking website, very inspiring stuff, just wanted to give you my encouragement once more and a big thumbs up to our huge crossing of cattle pass on the biggest tide of the year! Cheers and have a great trip!


Name: Susan Humphrey
Date: Sat Feb 23 19:42:18 MST 2008
Looking forward to meeting you in Skagway or Haines. Practice those kayak rolls!!!

Name: Gabe da Silveira
Date: Fri Nov 9 11:29:38 MST 2007
Awesome site Darrell, look forward to meeting on Saturday to make it even better. Good luck in planning your 2008 leg!

Name: Peter McConnell
Date: Thu Oct 19 09:49:42 MDT 2006
Hi Betsy
This is Darrel's long lost second or maybe third cousin once removed from Northern Ireland just checkout the web site to see how Darrel's getting on with his conquest. Tell him that I was asking for him and also Mary Agnes & Bill sends their best reguards.

Name: Paris Fan Club
Date: Sat Aug 5 01:00:54 MDT 2006
HOW are your arm and shoulder muscles feeling...? THEY carried you forth rowing on this part of the quest, whereas last year and before it was legs and feet.....A good mustard sandwich AND mustard packs should remedy any aches... Love from us all.

Name: Lisa Rae
Date: Thu Jul 20 03:32:22 MDT 2006
Thank you for sharing all of your adventure. It is inspiring to read. Your Richmond contingent is sending much love and best wishes.

Name: Lisa Glass
Date: Sun Jul 16 16:53:28 MDT 2006
Hi Darrell - This is Lisa, speech therapist at St. V... I noticed you hadn't been at work recently and wondered of you were off on your adventure - it's fun to read about it! The website is really great. Best of luck for the remainder!

Name: Keith Clemson
Date: Sat Jul 15 22:09:55 MDT 2006
This is an amazing project and will be a significant achievement. I look forward to following your progress.
Keith Clemson

Name: Camille Adair-Norwick
Date: Mon Jul 10 18:04:14 MDT 2006
All the best to you in your authentic expression of being alive!

Name: Kris Maltrud
Date: Mon Jul 10 15:43:52 MDT 2006
Way to go Darrell! You are an amazing example of hanging in there and accomplishing a big goal over time.

Hello from Sitka Alaska where I'm working and playing for the next 10 days. First trip to Alaska... BEAUTIFUL! I can see why you're drawn to this part of the world.



Name: JB
Date: Mon Jul 10 12:24:50 MDT 2006
Holy Mackerel, Darrell!!! Please be safe!

Name: Adobe & Cielo
Date: Mon Jul 10 12:03:02 MDT 2006

Name: ramona sakiestewa
Date: Mon Jul 10 10:48:47 MDT 2006
Hi Darrell,

We have not met but I have heard about your adventures from your adoring wife. Best of luck this summer!


Name: Jean and Kathy
Date: Mon Jul 10 08:11:33 MDT 2006
You get the World Cup for adventure...!
Steven Spielberg had you in mind when he created "Dreamworks".....
We're with ya' !
Kathy, Jean and crew

Name: Margaret Jennings
Date: Mon Jul 10 07:57:14 MDT 2006
Your planning is impressive; the results are truly inspiring. And Betsy's support makes me feel humble indeed. Keep on living that dream!!

Name: Linda
Date: Mon Jul 10 06:59:03 MDT 2006
Heard you had gotten off. Hope everything goes as planned.
Love, Lin

Name: Steve Ellis
Date: Mon Jul 10 06:20:14 MDT 2006
Best of luck and take lots of pictures. Jealous!


Name: suzanne franzen
Date: Sun Jul 9 19:49:50 MDT 2006
awesome darrell. i loved the audio interview. pictures are fabulous.
thank you for doing this trip and sharing your experiences.
Kauai is still wonderful for me. LOVE

Name: Amy and James
Date: Sun Jul 9 19:05:18 MDT 2006

Hi Darrell and Bets
We're wishing you a safe and healthy journey. Good Luck
Luv ya both
Amy , James and Daphne

Name: doyle warren
Date: Sun Jul 9 18:36:05 MDT 2006
With great appreciation of what it takes to do this..Congratulations & best of luck, Doyle

Name: John Lathrop
Date: Mon Apr 24 06:51:14 MDT 2006
Love the Website. Can't wait to watch your Journey.
Best, John

Name: Kathy and Jean
Date: Thu Mar 30 00:42:46 MST 2006
This website is amazing. But then so is this WHOLE adventure !Good going Betsy, too !
Love, K and J

Name: Rich Besser
Date: Thu Feb 16 10:57:57 MST 2006
Hi. I enjoyed your slide show at REI last night. Will keep an eye on your journeys in future. Have always wanted to travel the Brooks Range. Maybe in the future I could join you on some hikes, perhaps leading to joining you on part of your journey.
Rich Besser, Tijeras