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2004 - 2005 Gear List

Total Wt in oz--> 350.250 Wt in lbs--> 21.891
Items Wt Manufacturer Comments
Sleep System (ss)



Feathered Friends

Hummingbird: Epic shell; 800+ down fill; 1oz overfill; internal fabric 1.1 nylon

Sleep sack

5.125 Cocoon via Campmor; 100% silk
Stuff sack 4.625 Feathered Friends

dry bag style


Inflatible sleep pad 3/4 length (size small) 13.750 Therm-a-Rest
Closed cell foam pad -  3/4 length (size small)
ProLite 3
Closed cell foam pad -  3/4 length (size small) 11.000 Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite
Capilene T-shirt SS 5.250 Patagonia Silk weight
Balaclava 1.875 REI Polypro - MST 2
LED headlight 1.625 Princeton Scout model
Shelter (sh)
Tarp tent, stuff sack & rear pole 23.750 TarpTent Single wall sylnylon
Titanium stakes (4) 2.000 TarpTent  
Aluminum stakes (4) 2.000 REI  
Poncho/ground cloth w/stuff sack 9.500 Integral Designs silcoat nylon
Backpack 18.375 Go Lite Gust model
Hiking poles - 1pr 20.000 Keki Climb High
Base (wear)
Capilene T-shirt LS 6.375 Patagonia Silk weight
Nylon shorts 7.500 REI  
Liner socks 1.500 REI  
Wool socks 3.000 Wigwam/smartwool merino
Hat with neck flap 2.000 Outdoor Design Hardware store in Edgewood, CA
Mosquito Hat 3.000 Campmor  
Hiking boots  24.000 Garmont Weight per boot
Handkercheif 0.250    
Low Gaitors 4.375 OR Flextec
Watch, altimeter, barometer, compass 1.750 Sunnto Vector
Wool hat 3.375 REI Wool & duramax
Long underwear 6.125 REI 100% polyester Silk weight
Liner socks 1.500 REI  
Wool socks 3.000 Wigwam/smartwool merino
Thermal shirt 11.125 Patagonia Nylon polyester & spandex
Insulated Jacket 19.375 Wild Things Quilted - Synthetic fill
Glove liners 1.500 Mtn Hardwear/REI Polypro
Wind shirt (blue) 3.375 Montane Pertex
Wind pants (black) 4.125 Montane Pertex
Rain jacket?     not yet
Rain pants?     not yet
Aqua mitts 1.750 OR Gortex
Umbrella 9.625 Go Lite Nylon
H2O Transport System
Collapsible bag (1 L) 0.875 Platypus Bottle
Rigid plastic bottle (1 L) 1.750   Aqua Fina
Collapsible bag (2.5 L) 1.250 Platypus Bottle
Collapsible bucket (4 L) 2.750 Platypus Water Tank
Drink tubing 2.500 Platypus Drinking Tube
H2O Treatment System
Water treatment tool w/salt & batteries 3.500 MSR MIOX Purifier
Supplies: rock salt, H20 test strips, extra CR123 batteries, purification tablets, w/stuff sack. 4.750 MSR  
Stove System
Free standing butane stove 10.250 MSR Rapid Fire (we are advised that this is discontinued)
Al windscreen & ring 1.875 MSR Solid Heat Reflector with Windscreen
Iso - butane cannister (8 oz) 12.625 MSR IsoPro
Solid fuel tablets (8 squares) 4.250 Esbit  
Wire pot stand 1.000 Home-made  
Aluminum foil (folded) 0.500 Home-made  
Stuff sack (small) 0.500 Integral Designs silcoat nylon
Titanium pot (1.3 L) 5.875 Evernew bought at REI
Titanium spork 0.625 REI  
Plastic bowl 1.250 generic  
Lighter and matches (waterproof) 1.000 generic  
Cup (1 cup) 2.625 REI Lexan
Scraper/spatula 0.375 generic  
Condiments: cinnamon, carob, soy sauce, hot sauce, pepper. 5.750 generic  
First Aid: Ibuprofen; alcohol pads, iodine pads, anitbiotic ointment pkts, misc bandaids, telfa pads, steri-strips, thin moleskin, bottle of newskin, neosporin tube, Benedryl, burn oinment, Lotrimin antifungal cream, pain killers, calamine lotion, 1" silk tape, anti-itch lotion, Benzoin, insect repellant, bag balm, toilet paper. 7.875    
Leg tape (roll - blue) 1.500 physical therapy  
Personal Care & Hygiene      
Glasses & cleaning supplies   generic  
Vitamins and electrolytes   generic  
Toothcare   generic toothbrush, baking soda & floss
Daily Items: Purell hand sanitizer, paper towel wipes, lip balm, pills, sunscreen.   generic  
Repair: dental floss & 2 large eyed sewing needles, Aqua seal Urethane repair adhesive, Silnet silicone seam sealer, brush, barrell locks asst sizes, eyeglass repair kit, rubber bands, nylon cordage, croakie, 1 pr shoelaces, Cascade Designs hotbond adhesive kit, extra pr clip on sunglasses. 4.500    
Survival: butane lighter, striker & flint, firestarter pieces, signal mirror, space bag, water purification tablets - 10 litres, plastic whistle. 7.375    
Compass   Silva  
Map wheel   Silva  
Camera (Digital) w/battery 7.375 Pentax Optio - WR; SD Memory; 2 AA lithiums; built-in flash; 3.2 megapixel; 2.8 optical zoom
Journal (waterproof paper) 3.750 REI  
Voice recorder (microcassette) w/battery & tape 5.875 Sony Micro-cassette; 2 AA alkaline batteries; built-in microphone
Camera cozy 0.825 generic fleece
Supplies: extra tapes (2), AA alkaline batteries (2), AA lithium battery (doubled), extra SD memory cards (2). 6.000    
Valuables Case 2.750    
Driver's license      
Credit Card      
AAA card      
PCT permit      
Phone Card      
Handkerchief 0.250 generic 100% cotton
Folding knife 2.000 Leatherman Micra
Towel 1.750 Therm-a-rest Pack Towel-chamois style
Stuff sacks (3 large) 2.500 Integral Designs silcoat nylon
Rope (nylon - 50 ft.) 2.875   1/8 diameter nylon climbing rope
Bear spray 1.500 Sabre 22 grams
Straps w/buckles (2) 1.000 REI 3/4"
LED flashlight (tiny) 0.250 Photon White micro light
3" Carbiner 0.875 generic Al 150lb test
Bear Cannister 38.375 Bear Valet BV300  693 cu in   8.7in dia x 12.4 in